Superior Cleaning
Utilizing state-of-the-art German technology, we efficiently remove stubborn dirt, odors, bacteria, and mites. Our high-temperature steam sterilization ensures thorough sanitation.
Enhanced Well-being
Clients consistently note significant enhancements in nasal and skin sensitivity, as well as sleep quality post-cleaning. Experience a tangible upgrade in your living environment and personal comfort.
Comprehensive Cleaning
Our approach prioritizes deep cleaning with specialized agents and meticulous brushing. With both wet and dry cleaning methods, we ensure powerful dust removal and high-temperature sterilization for a hygienic space.
Begin by assessing the condition of the surface to determine the appropriate cleaning method and products required.
Apply specialized cleaning agents to target stubborn stains or areas of heavy soiling, ensuring thorough removal.
Deep Cleaning
Employ advanced techniques such as high-pressure steam cleaning or deep brushing to penetrate surfaces and extract embedded dirt and allergens effectively.
Utilize high-temperature sterilization methods to eliminate bacteria, mites, and other harmful microorganisms, leaving surfaces hygienically clean.
Our Cushion Cleaning Solutions
Self clean are troublesome, and you may not even know whether effectively cleaning, for comprehensive cleaning, it's best to seek the expertise of cleaning specialists - Super Clean Specialist!
Mattress Cleaning
Renew your sleep sanctuary with our thorough mattress cleaning service, eliminating dirt for a refreshing rest.
Sofa Cleaning
Restore the comfort and freshness of your sofa with our expert cleaning, leaving it spotless and inviting.
Car Cushion Cleaning
Revitalize your car interior with our professional cushion cleaning, ensuring a clean and hygienic driving experience.
Carpet Cleaning
Transform your home with our top-notch carpet cleaning service, removing stains and odors for a pristine living space.
Gaming Chair Cleaning
Enhance your gaming experience with our specialized cushion cleaning, keeping your chair fresh and comfortable all the time.
Dining Chair Cleaning
Improve your dining area with our meticulous cushion cleaning, ensuring a clean and inviting space for family meals.
Transform Your Living Environment
Upholstery and Cushion Cleaning Experts
Welcome to Super Clean Specialist Enterprise, your premier destination for expert cushion cleaning services based in Selangor, Malaysia. With over three years of dedicated experience, we specialize in thoroughly washing and eliminating stains, dust mites, bacteria, mold, mildew, musty odors, and watermarks from all types of cushions. Having serviced over 500 homes and vehicles, including mattresses, sofas, car cushions, carpets, gaming chair cushions, and dining chair cushions, our team guarantees a pristine clean with a warranty and complimentary high-temperature sterilization.